Thursday, 27 October 2011


Eye Illusions (Ambiguity Pictures)
See the face of a soldier and a man that is bending over on the below eye illusion.

eye illusions 1

Beautiful scene. But there is something more to it.
eye illusions 2
Are there really just flowers?
eye illusions 4
Color Blindness Tests
1st Color Blindness Test – can you see a “12″ on this plate?
eye illusions colour blindness test 1
2nd Color Blindness Test – there is a “26″ on this plate.
eye illusions colour blindness test 2
3rd Color Blindness Test – can you trace a line from one “X” to the other?
eye illusions colour blindness test 3
4th Color Blindness Test – you should see 58 (upper left), 18 (upper right), E (lower left) and 17 (lower right).
eye illusions colour blindness test 4
Impossible Objects Illusions
Our brain tries to do its best usually, however, there are instances when it fails to process correctly what the eye sees. The brain makes sense of shapes and symbols. It’s trying to put them together like a jigsaw puzzle, formulating that which isn’t there to that which is believable. 2D figure is subconsciously interpreted as 3D object although such object can not exist.
The Penrose Triangle, also known as the tribar is one of the most well-known Impossible Figures. Try to trace a line in the triangle and you would have to trace it three times around the triangle before coming back to where you started. (by Roger Penrose)
impossible object illusions 1
The Penrose stairs is a variation on the Penrose triangle. You could climb the stairs forever and never get any higher. That is only possible in two dimensions. This endless staircase can be found also in the paintings of M. C. Escher or also in the movie Inception by Christopher Nolan. (by Roger Penrose)
impossible object illusions 2
A realistic photo or just another undecidable figure?
impossible object illusions 8
This corner house is a bit tricky. Question: Is the corner concave or convex? Use your palm to cover the upper half of the picture and the corner will be bulged out. However, if you cover the lower half, then it will seem as the inner corner. Amazing.
impossible object illusions 9
Try to arrange dice like this.
impossible object illusions dice
Another interesting building.
interesting building illusions

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